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Blog posts February 2015

Tawny Frogmouth



If you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of these beautiful nocturnal birds during the day.


They are very well camouflaged and spend the day perched in trees making them hard to spot,


I was lucky enough to happen upon this one at Woolowin one day trying to blend…

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Lawn Mowing in The rain

Lawn Mowing in the rain at Mitchelton
Mowing in the rain






With the drenching Brisbane received yesterday and then again today with the rain from ex-tropical cyclone Marcia, and with Brisbane's summers in general usually lots of storms, wet weather and the grass growing madly. 

I thought it…

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Brisbane Fungi


Phallus Indusiatus near Maiala Mt Glorious

One of my favourite things to do after a few days of rain is to check the mulch piles and ovals of my local parks to see if any interesting fungi have popped up.



I also at the first opportunity head to my favourite bu…

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Brisbane Butterfly's and Moths

Blue Tiger At Mt Nebo
I am loving all the butterfly's  and Moths out and about at the moment, it seems to be perfect conditions for them, every where I go in Brisbane at the moment they are flapping about in abundant numbers.
Perhaps I am just noticing them this…

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Echidna At Ferny Hills

Monotremes are mammals that lay eggs in stead of giving birth to live young.


And unfortunately not being lucky enough yet to have sighted a platypus in Brisbane, this makes this beautiful little echidna my one and only Monotreme s…

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A Tropical Affair

Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens Auditorium

Tropical Plant Sale hosted by the International Cordyline Society

Entry $3 Adults

Children free

Saturday the 7th of February 8:00am to 4:00pm

Sunday the …

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