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Spotted Turtle-dove

two baby Turtle Doves in nest

While not a native bird, it was with great excitement that we found this nest in the back yard with two baby Turtle doves in it.

For weeks I had noticed two adult Turtle doves sitting on some scaffolding on the construction site next door.

They would tear off at speed when we were in the back yard clapping their wings as they took off.

I thought it was strange that they were always perched in the spot, I didn't know it at the time but below them in a dwarf date palm there were two chicks in a nest.

The scaffolding was the perfect perch for Mum and Dad to keep an eye on things. 

Mum and Dad Turtle Dove keep a watch from the neighbours roof

It has been great fun for the kids and I to watch the two fledglings start to explore they can sort of fly and we have been finding them roosting in various trees around the backyard.

They are now taking off for the day and we no longer see them during the day but at dusk it is great to see them return together to roost.

Spotted Turtle Doves are originally from Asia but are well established in Australia.

They have a lovely cooing call and we have really enjoyed having them in the back yard.

Baby Turtle dove exploring the world and landing on the tree house


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