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Preserving your harvest.

Basil mixed with oil in food processor and placed in ice cubes for processingWhile growing your own herbs and vegetables, it is inevitable at some point you will be left with a glut of produce.

Especially with herbs where you may just use a leaf or two as a garnish or to flavour meals.

If you do as I do and use seedlings that punnet of six to eight plants are likely t…

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Re grow Vegetables from Scraps Part 2

continuing on from Part 1, A few weeks have passed so time for a update on how the veggie scraps are growing.


 Avocado starting to split down the side no shoots or roots visible Avocado, The avocado has started to split down the side there are no no signs of any shoots or roots though.







Celery just starting to send up a shootCarrot and Celery, Well the ca…

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Fun easy garden project for Kids

Small Garden Planted out in pot with dinosaurs added for funKids have such a great time gardening, getting their hands dirty, learning where food comes from and how plants grow, and learning about the different insects and animals and how they interact with plants.

The backyard can be such a wondrous place for kids

Kids also love to help out in the ga…

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Re growing Vegetables from Scraps Part 1

Regrowing pineapple by cutting off top and re plantingThis one little trick saves me $4752154.15 in grocery bills, well not really 


I have seen quite a few articles some serious and some dubious ones on regrowing veggies from kitchen scraps, All with a similar list of Vegetable that can be regrown.


I do wonder about the quality of regrowing …

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Re use Recycle Turning a broken garden chair into a vertical Garden.

I having been looking for a way to screen my pool pump so taking some inspiration from the vertical pallet garden, I set to work making a vertical garden screen.







I have had this broken outdoor chair laying around for a while, and have been looking for a…

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