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Fun easy garden project for Kids

Small Garden Planted out in pot with dinosaurs added for funKids have such a great time gardening, getting their hands dirty, learning where food comes from and how plants grow, and learning about the different insects and animals and how they interact with plants.

The backyard can be such a wondrous place for kids

Kids also love to help out in the garden as well.


Sometimes that "help" might be filling up your watering can with rocks, digging up your prized roses or making mud pies from the soil you have just meticulously levelled out and planted grass seed in.

So it can be great to create a little area that they are in charge of, They can dig up the plants tip out the soil and do whatever they like as this is their little garden.

A small veggie patch or garden bed would be great but if you don't have the space even a few pots the kids can call their own will do very nicely.

grab a pot and plant with a small plantGrab an old pot and fill with potting mix,

Most nurseries will have a section with a variety of plants in little 10cm pots they usually only cost a couple of dollars and are great for these little gardens. 



adding the finishing touches to kids garden Position your new plant in the pot and now let your children's creativity flow by letting them design and set up their new garden adding toy dinosaurs, rocks, ponds the possibilities are endless.




Finished GardenFinished Garden






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