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Re grow Vegetables from Scraps Part 2

continuing on from Part 1, A few weeks have passed so time for a update on how the veggie scraps are growing.


 Avocado starting to split down the side no shoots or roots visible Avocado, The avocado has started to split down the side there are no no signs of any shoots or roots though.







Celery just starting to send up a shootCarrot and Celery, Well the carrots went mouldy so we are just left with the celery which has sent out a root at the bottom and is just starting to send up a shoot.







Pineapple growing well outside in a potPine Apple, The pineapple is doing well it is outside, no changes as it is very slow growing. 







Sweet potato growing very well new shoots and rootsSweet Potato, The sweet potato has taken off, it has set out quite a few roots and shoots and is ready for planting.







Not many changes with the potatoPotato, not many changes with the potato the bottom has dried out so will plant shortly.








New green shoots on Spring onions ready for plantingSpring Onion, The spring onion has done quite well and has sent up new green shoots will also plant these shortly.






It has been quite a fun experiment, we have them all set up on the dinning room tables and the kids have really enjoyed checking them out each day to see what has grown.








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