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Re use Recycle Turning a broken garden chair into a vertical Garden.

I having been looking for a way to screen my pool pump so taking some inspiration from the vertical pallet garden, I set to work making a vertical garden screen.







I have had this broken outdoor chair laying around for a while, and have been looking for a way to reuse it. 








I arranged pieces of the chair into a L shape. The tall part screens the cartridge filter while the lower will screen the pump.


I then screwed some 75 x 50 mm Fence railing that I had laying around to the outside edge


I then gave the whole thing a coat of oil and removed four wooden slats so the plants could grow through.



I then lined it with weed mat. I attached the weed mat with a staple gun. this is what will hold the soil in place and stop it from spilling.
I left the bottom open for drainage but in hindsight I should of also lined the bottom and added some holes for drainage

I then screwed some ply wood to the back holding it all into place and was now ready to be filled with soil and planted out.

I set in place using by driving two garden stakes in the middle. I then filled with soil.
Trying to plant it out set up in place was a little tricky using a Stanley knife I cut a small hole in the weed mat  then carefully squeezed the seedlings in.  
As mentioned before I left the bottom open for drainage.
It would have been better to enclose it so I could fill with soil then lay the vertical garden down flat to plant.
This would have been much easier and I could have left flat for a week or so for the plants to establish themselves before setting into place.
I was really happy with the results Can you see the pool pump?

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