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Brisbane Fungi


Phallus Indusiatus near Maiala Mt Glorious

One of my favourite things to do after a few days of rain is to check the mulch piles and ovals of my local parks to see if any interesting fungi have popped up.



I also at the first opportunity head to my favourite bush walks scouring the tracks on the lookout for any unusual and interesting fungi.

I love looking at Fungi reference books there are so many amazing fungi I would love to see one day, like the lattice or basket fungi, the earth star, the birds nest and any one of the illuminating ones.

Here are some of the Fungi I have come across in Brisbane.

I am a amateur when it comes to identifying Fungi madly flicking through reference books so I have undoubtedly misidentified some if you can help out with any misidentified or unidentified ones I would love to hear from you.  

Finding This Aseroe rubra growing on a ground up tree stump has been the most exciting Fungi I have discovered in my own backyard.
Aseroe Rubra

Some more Aseroe rubra at a local park.


Aseroe Rubra
Another exciting find was Phallus Multi colour growing in mulch at rafting ground reserve Brookfield. 
Phallus Multi colour at Rafting ground reserve




Phallus Multi colour at Rafting ground reserve

I spotted this Phallus indusiatus on a bush walk at Mount Glorious.


Phallus Indusiatus near Maiala Mt Glorious
Phallus Indusiatus near Maiala Mt Glorious
I found these Pholiota Malicola growing on the rain forest circuit at Maiala Mt Glorious.
Pholiota Malicola.

I quite often see these out and about on my walks these Scleroderma cepa were on the thylogale track at Jolly's look out.
Scleroderma cepa on Thylogale track Jolly's Lookout
Scleroderma Cepa on Thylogale track Jolly's Lookout
I spotted these at Enogerra greek at the Gap possibly Microporus Xanthopus ?
Possibly Microporus Xanthopus?
Fungi Yet to be identified 
I found this one at Banks street reserve I initially thought it was a bracket Fungi but there may be a stem hidden.
Unknown Fungi at Bank street Reserve
Also found at bank street reserve Alderly possibly Rainbow Fungus Trametes versicolor ?
Possibly Trametes Versicolor.

And Another unidentified one from Banks street reserve Alderly
Yet to be identified at Banks Street Reserve Alderly
Yet to be identified Spotted at Daisy hill Conservation Park
Yet to be identified 
The next to were found growing in close proximity on the banks of the south pine river at Samford Valley.
South pine river Samford Valley
South pine river Samford Valley
Yet to be identified growing in mulch at local playground
Yet to be identified
Found on pitta circuit Boombana
This Shovel was in a customers garden I'm guessing it hasn't seen much action lately it has severel type of  bracket fungi growing on the handle



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