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More butterflies and moths of Brisbane

Coming into the middle of April and still seeing lots of butterflies around. 

The common crows are still appearing in our garden although their numbers do not seem to be as great as a couple of months ago and we haven't seen any caterpillars or pupa recently.

Orchard Swallowtail

The orchard swallowtail has become a regular visitor to our garden, there is a lemon tree near our back door and it is great to see them flapping about and we are finding lots of caterpillars on our lemon tree as well as out lemonade tree.

They also seem to like a small lilly pilly we have as well. I quite often see two or three at a time on this plant perhaps they like the nectar.

Small Orchid Swallowtail

Caterpillar feeding on our lemon tree

Small Orchid Swallowtail

Caterpillar feeding on our lemon tree

The Caterpillars start off quite small and insignificant as they set about munching on your citrus tree.

As they grow larger they start changing colour becoming green and camouflaged blending in with the leaves.

Yet again I am amazed by nature, the caterpillars have the most incredible defensive mechanism, when they feel threatened they extend red tentacles called the osmeterium that resembles a snakes forked tongue , It is amazing to see they also omit a unpleasant odour when disturbed,

Very clever little caterpillars, 

Caterpillar extending Osmeterium

Caterpillar extending Osmeterium

Orchard swallowtail Butterfly

Case Moth


We also had another extraordinary visitor to our garden recently. We found this Case moth making his way across some sleepers at the back of our yard.

I haven't been able to identify as yet I believe it may be the Saunders case moth.

It was such a incredible little portable home this caterpillar has made for itself. Constructed by silk, the inside was nice and smooth on the outside all sorts of plant material had been carefully attached.

The caterpillar retreated so was unable to get a photograph.



while at Lake Manchester recently I frequently saw these lovely wanderers.

My poor old camera struggled to capture them they were quite active and would always settle quite a distance away.

It is amazing to think these guys originally arrived all the way from North America where they are known as the Monarch.



Common Eggfly

Not the best photo unfortunately, but I also spotted this common eggfly also at Lake Manchester.

Not sure how common these butterfly's are I haven't seen them around the suburbs yet and only spotted two while at Lake Manchester.





Have you seen any interesting Butterflies lately? We would love to hear about them 


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