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Brisbane Butterfly's and Moths

Blue Tiger At Mt Nebo
I am loving all the butterfly's  and Moths out and about at the moment, it seems to be perfect conditions for them, every where I go in Brisbane at the moment they are flapping about in abundant numbers.
Perhaps I am just noticing them this year but there seems to be more about than usual
Here are some of the Butterfly's and moths we have encountered recently.

Common crow Butterfly.
Common crow Caterpillar
These caterpillars have been a wonderful addition to our Garden. It has been a very timely visit as my son is currently learning about life cycles in science.
And so far we have witnessed the caterpillars, pupa and butterfly's.
If you have a Fig tree or a oleander tree have a look and see if any common crow caterpillars have taken up residence,.
Common crow caterpillar

After munching away for some time the caterpillar attaches it self to the underside of a leaf or stem hanging upside down it is slightly a paler colour.

It takes it position curling up in a ball.








Common crow pupa

They have the most amazing silvery gold pupa it looks like a little Christmas decoration hanging from the tree.

The gold eventually turns to black before the butterfly then emerges.

We currently have four pupa on our fig tree we are really hoping we are around when the butterfly's emerge.












Common Crow Butterfly







Blue Tiger Butterfly.
Reference books have these butterfly's only visiting Brisbane every few years or so and 2015 must be one of those years, I have been seeing about in the suburbs and up at the walking tracks at Jolly's lookout they are currently there in huge numbers.
Blue tiger Butterfly at Jolly's Lookout


Blue tiger Butterfly at Jolly's lookout




Granny's cloak Moth.



You will quite often see these lovely moths with there eye spots in Toilet blocks of all places, in the wild they live in tree hollows and caves, The toilet block at Boombana picnic ground seems to be a very agreeable habitat indeed as they are there in very large numbers 
Granny's cloak moth at Boombana

Evening Brown.




I spotted quite a few of these large brown Butterfly's along the Kedron brook there flight wasn't erratic as other butterfly's  and they rested frequently making photographing them a little easier than some others.
Evening Brown at Kedron Brook
Blue Triangle.
These butterfly's are quite common, they are very active making Photographing them a little tricky.
I recently followed one around our backyard for some time but was unable to get a photo as he was too quick.
I happened upon this poor little one along Enogerra creek at the gap, he seemed to have a piece missing from his wing,
It didn't seem to affect his flight though and was quite active but he did have to rest frequently allowing me take a photo before he took off again
Blue triangle at enogerra creek

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