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Echidna At Ferny Hills

Monotremes are mammals that lay eggs in stead of giving birth to live young.


And unfortunately not being lucky enough yet to have sighted a platypus in Brisbane, this makes this beautiful little echidna my one and only Monotreme sighting to date.


In April 2013 I was walking in bushland at Ferny Hills, I heard a rustle and was delighted to see this Echidna.



I had never seen or have seen since a Echidna in the Brisbane area, This was my one and only sighting.


I would of loved to have gotten some photos of him ambling about but he was very shy and burrowed down and wasn't keen to pose for any happy snaps


Apparently Echidna's are reasonably common although if you have seen a Echidna  you can report your sightings to Wildlife Qld who run a Echidna watch programme


I would love to hear about any sighting you have had as well,

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