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Brisbane Widlife

With Mt Cootha and D'aguilar national park on Brisbane's doorstep , The Brisbane river meandering through the city centre and with Moreton bay just up the road along with many locals creeks, park lands, reserves and bushy suburbs,

We are lucky to be able to encounter a large diverse range of wildlife. It can be quite surprising what can turn up in your Backyard.

On this page we will share some of the wildlife we come across while out and about in Brisbane.





Frogs and Turtles


Butterfly's and Insects

Recent Wildlife Posts

Spotted Turtle-dove

two baby Turtle Doves in nest

While not a native bird, it was with great excitement that we found this nest in the back yard with two baby Turtle doves in it.

For weeks I had noticed two adult Turtle doves sitting on some scaffolding on the construction site next door.

They would tear off at speed when we were in the b…

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More butterflies and moths of Brisbane

Coming into the middle of April and still seeing lots of butterflies around. 

The common crows are still appearing in our garden although their numbers do not seem to be as great as a couple of months ago and we haven't seen any caterpillars or pupa recently.

Orchard Swallowtail

The orcha…

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Land Mullet

Land mullet skink at springbrook National ParkThis beautiful large skink has the appropriate name the Land Mullet.


It does bear quite a resemblance to the aquatic mullet.


This skink has a lovely black colour and solid build I spotted this one at Springbrook National park.


I haven't seen these guy…

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Tawny Frogmouth



If you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of these beautiful nocturnal birds during the day.


They are very well camouflaged and spend the day perched in trees making them hard to spot,


I was lucky enough to happen upon this one at Woolowin one day trying to blend…

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Brisbane Butterfly's and Moths

Blue Tiger At Mt Nebo
I am loving all the butterfly's  and Moths out and about at the moment, it seems to be perfect conditions for them, every where I go in Brisbane at the moment they are flapping about in abundant numbers.
Perhaps I am just noticing them this…

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Echidna At Ferny Hills

Monotremes are mammals that lay eggs in stead of giving birth to live young.


And unfortunately not being lucky enough yet to have sighted a platypus in Brisbane, this makes this beautiful little echidna my one and only Monotreme s…

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