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Re growing Vegetables from Scraps Part 1

Regrowing pineapple by cutting off top and re plantingThis one little trick saves me $4752154.15 in grocery bills, well not really 


I have seen quite a few articles some serious and some dubious ones on regrowing veggies from kitchen scraps, All with a similar list of Vegetable that can be regrown.


I do wonder about the quality of regrowing store brought vegetables, organic or from your own garden would probably be better,  but thought it would fun to do a few experiments to see what we could regrow in our sub tropical climate of Brisbane.





Avocado Seed suspended over water with tooth picks

Avocado, I don't hold much hope for ever growing a tree that will produce fruit from the seed, but you never know.


I think we will get the seed to sprout but it will be interesting to see what happens after that.


to sprout use tooth picks to suspended the seed over water change the water every day or two.








Celery and carrot placed in shallow water to regrowCarrot and celery, Chop the base of a store brought celery and the tops off carrots and leave in shallow water for a week, Then move to the garden once they have roots.

The celery seems a pretty popular veggie to regrow so hoping it will work not too sure about the carrot's though.





Pineapple top chopped off and replanted in potPineapple, I have started this a few times but have never seen it to fruition for some reason, hopefully this time will be different.


Cut the top off a pineapple and leave in water changing frequently once roots have emerged move to garden or a pot.


I started this one about a month ago and currently have it growing in a pot.










Sweet Potato cut in half and suspended over water using toothpicks Sweet Potatoes, Now I know this one definitely works here in Brisbane and I have used before with great success, but I have never grown it this way. 


Previously I have just used sweet potatoes that have sprouted in the cupboard and popped them in the garden.


This time it is grown similar to the Avocado chop in half and suspend over water with tooth picks. 





Potato section cut making sure it has eyesPotato, Cut a piece of potato that has a couple of eyes and leave out for a couple of days to dry out before planting in soil with eyes facing up.

White part of Spring onion Chopped and placed in water to re sprout


Spring Onions, I expect these to do really well. when growing these in the garden I have always cut them at the base instead of picking the whole onion so they can regrow. So can see these regrowing with out issue.



It will be interesting to watch these grow will update every couple of weeks on there progress.

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